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Cholecystostomy placement

If the duct draining the gallbladder gets blocked, the fluid in gallbladder can build up and become infected, which is known as “acute cholecystitis”. Acute cholecystitis can be treated by surgically removing the gallbladder. If, however, the patient is too ill, surgery may be too dangerous. In these cases, the Interventional Radiologists at HRA can use imaging guidance to place a drain into the gallbladder. This drain lets us remove the infected fluid helps the patient recover.

The procedure has a mild risk of bleeding, infection, and damage to nearby organs. If possible, patients should refrain from eating and drinking for 6 hours prior to the procedure and will be given medications to help them relax (i.e. moderate sedation). The procedure is typically reserved for inpatients, who will then remain in the hospital overnight after their procedure.

Doctors performing Cholecystostomy

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