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Prostate Artery Embolization

The prostate is a male reproductive gland located in the pelvis, below the bladder, surrounding a portion of the urethra. As some men grow older, their prostates may enlarge and make it difficult to urinate. By blocking blood-flow to the prostate, Interventional Radiologists at HRA can help our urology colleagues shrink the prostate and treat these symptoms.

First, using ultrasound and x-ray guidance, a small needle is used to enter the artery of the leg or wrist. Then, small catheters and wires are used to find the arteries that supply the prostate. Finally, plastic beads are slowly injected to block blood flow to the prostate and cause it to die.

The procedure has a low risk of bleeding, infection, and damage to nearby organs. Typically, it requires placement of a urinary catheters and is performed for outpatients. Most patients stay overnight in the hospital before returning home the next day.

Doctors performing Prostate Artery Embolization

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