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    My husband had an aneurysm that was not the kind you wait and watch- it had to be fixed, and soon. We are currently living in Bangkok but decided to fly back to the US after he spoke with a top neurosurgeon where we are from in Houston (referred by a friend) who recommended he get it done in the US, and said if it was him with the aneurysm he would get it fixed with Dr. Diaz. We were so glad we chose him- the coiling procedure (with stent) was seamless, and not only did he have zero complications like we were prepared for, he had zero recovery really. Just the 24 hours in ICU, then he was discharged to go home, and he was like back to normal apart from having to walk and move cautiously because of the groin plug- but we took the kids to the park with his family who were visiting two days after his procedure. It was all so unbelievably simple because of Diaz- we are huge fans of his now! We learned that he is one of the top docs at Methodist and an aneurysm expert, having done these procedures for many years. Aside from his experience we also loved his bedside manner and personality- we were glad we trusted my husband's life to.

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