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  • Saved my life!.. I had a large aneurysm laying on my optic nerve that needed attention right away. My husband and children gave him so much praise for being informative about what procedure he was usi...
    Orlando Diaz-Daza, MD
    Healthgrades 308035Healthgrades

    ~ Joan Long

  • My husband had an aneurysm that was not the kind you wait and watch- it had to be fixed, and soon. We are currently living in Bangkok but decided to fly back to the US after he spoke with a top neuros...
    Orlando Diaz-Daza, MD
    Healthgrades 308034Healthgrades

    ~ Missy Sturgis

  • Dr. Diaz and his staff came in very well prepared and had a strategy in place for my situation. Since my dilemma was on both right and left sides, I needed 2 procedures. I knew I couldn't remember eve...
    Orlando Diaz-Daza, MD
    Healthgrades 308033Healthgrades

    ~ Cindy

  • He came to see me before and after procedures and surgeries, explained everything to me, also talked to my family. Made me feel as comfortable as possible within the situation.
    Orlando Diaz-Daza, MD
    Healthgrades 308031Healthgrades

    ~ Healthgrades

  • I am so glad Dr Gibbs placed my Port. It was obvious that he had done this procedure a thousand times. His bedside manner was warming and his surgical proficiency was outstanding. The whole process fr...
    Jerry Gibbs, MD
    Healthgrades 308030Healthgrades

    ~ Sharon

  • He drove into the medical center on Saturday evening to put in a feeding tube for my dad so my dad didn't have to stay overnight in the current COVID19 environment. Very polite, professional, and took...
    Lucho Rossman, MD
    Healthgrades 308029Healthgrades

    ~ Benjamin Nguyen

  • - Superior in every way. He has exceptional patient service interpersonal skills.
    Lucho Rossman, MD
    Healthgrades 308028Healthgrades

    ~ Healthgrades

  • Outstanding - technically and relationally! Thank you.
    Lucho Rossman, MD
    Healthgrades 308027Healthgrades

    ~ Healthgrades

  • He’s a wonderful doctor takes the time to listen and is companionate. I'm so happy with my uterine fibroid embolization. I highly recommend him !!!!
    Lucho Rossman, MD
    Healthgrades 308026Healthgrades

    ~ Rosa McKinney

  • Very patient. Extremely polite. Very reassuring. Explained everything in detail. I highly recommend him.
    Michael Sher, MD
    Healthgrades 308025Healthgrades

    ~ Roger Afelmann

  • I had an ultrasound guided biopsy of a lymph node completed by Dr. Sher. His bedside manner was excellent, his focus was me even though there were two other people in the room with us. He made sure I ...
    Michael Sher, MD
    Healthgrades 308022Healthgrades

    ~ Kari R. A

  • Dr A was attentive, to the point, and did a great job with my procedure. I had very little pain throughout and even after. I would recommend Dr A to anyone who comes looking his way! Some of the best ...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305630Healthgrades

    ~ Colin Campbell

  • If you like a doctor that follows up and genuinely cares about patients then look no further! I can’t tell you the number of texts and phone calls received following his procedure. If every Doctor h...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305627Healthgrades

    ~ Ryan Smith

  • Performed PAE ( prostate procedure) on my husband in March of 2022. Amazing doctor, performing an amazing procedure. I’m an RN, & I was impressed w/ Dr A’s accessibility. Called us, virtual PreOp ...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305626Healthgrades

    ~ Healthgrades

  • Dr. A has improved my prostate symptoms TREMENDOUSLY!!!
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305625Healthgrades

    ~ Healthgrades

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