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  • Dr. A was great. I am now 5 weeks post PAE procedure and the results are remarkable.
    My most sincere thanks to Dr. A and all of his staff.
    Davood Abdollahian, MD

    ~ John Mayo

  • Dr A was attentive, to the point, and did a great job with my procedure. I had very little pain throughout and even after. I would recommend Dr A to anyone who comes looking his way! Some of the best ...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305630Healthgrades

    ~ Colin Campbell

  • If you like a doctor that follows up and genuinely cares about patients then look no further! I can’t tell you the number of texts and phone calls received following his procedure. If every Doctor h...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305627Healthgrades

    ~ Ryan Smith

  • Performed PAE ( prostate procedure) on my husband in March of 2022. Amazing doctor, performing an amazing procedure. I’m an RN, & I was impressed w/ Dr A’s accessibility. Called us, virtual PreOp ...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305626Healthgrades

    ~ Healthgrades

  • Dr. A has improved my prostate symptoms TREMENDOUSLY!!!
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305625Healthgrades

    ~ Healthgrades

  • I highly recommend Dr A. A CT scan revealed a small mass in my right kidney that was suspicious of renal cell carcinoma. My urologist referred me to Dr A. for a cryoablation to destroy the mass. Withi...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305622Healthgrades

    ~ R. Savant

  • I recommend Dr. Abdollahian without reservation. He performed a prostate artery embolization on me on December 7, 2021. The procedure went very well. The results were excellent. My circumstances are g...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305618Healthgrades

    ~ William G. Lee

  • Dr. Abdollahian is a excellent doctor while seeing me, explained the PAE procedure before I approved this new gold standard to eliminate my enlarged prostate. In fact, my prostate after the AQUABLATIO...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD
    Healthgrades 305617Healthgrades

    ~ JMO

  • I feel like I am free again and not tied to the restroom. My prostate had me going every 5 to 10 minutes, now 6 weeks later I can go 2-3 hours! I feel like I have my life back I can come and go at wil...
    Davood Abdollahian, MD

    ~ James Cole

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